I was born with rhythm in my bones, melody in my heart, and a deep desire to communicate through lyrics. The traditional approach to music never worked for me – after 8 years of piano lessons and much frustration, I called it quits. A year later, I grabbed Dad’s old guitar and began strumming 3 chords I learned in a book on the beach. That’s where the magic began.

Given the freedom to learn at my own pace and express in the ways that made sense to me, I self-recorded 5 albums of original music before the age of 22. From there, I attended audio recording school in Arizona, completed an in-studio internship in Nashville, and went on to join bands of all genres and play many different instruments all over the U.S and Canada – Bass, Guitar, Banjo, Vocals, and even screaming in metal bands!

My true strength does not lie in a stiff traditional approach; I engage students the way I engage my own interest – what makes you tick? What are you passionate about? What gives you energy? What are you interested in? Let’s jump into it! I can break it down in simple terms that you can see and feel and not over-mentalize. I believe that ANYBODY can learn to play and sing confidently and effectively with the proper support and belief in oneself.

The world needs more musical expression and fewer egos – let go of the idea of perfection and present your heart and soul through sound. Ready? Let’s go!