Alycia is a dance instructor who loves sharing her gift of dance with the youth of her community. A student of dance since age three, Alycia is proud to call herself a Dance Instructor for over two decades. Her primary focus has always been to develop and offer instruction in Pre Dance, Ballet, Lyrical, and Jazz that is of the highest quality in terms of age appropriate choreography and solid technique.

As often as she can, she attends conventions and workshops across Canada and the US to keep her work current.

Through her studies she has completed Ballet exams in the Cecchetti syllabus as well as Jazz and Tap exams in the ADAPT syllabus. Alycia has completed her training and is proud to be an ADAPT certified instructor. Additionally, Alycia is also certified as Progressing Ballet Technique Instructor.

Alycia fosters the belief that a community centre can offer a balance of recreational dance that is safe and fun while at the same time provide a strong foundation of skill that allows confidence and personal growth to flourish.